The mission of our Leadership is to rally the Men and Women of our Folk, the Sons and Daughters of Europe in Midgard, to come together for our common spirituality and purpose. We do so in a manner that is confident and noble. The Asatru Folk Assembly is constantly evolving while maintaining continuity in leadership.

One of the most significant moments in Asatru Folk Assembly history was the passing of the duties and responsibilities of Alsherjargothi from Stephen McNallen to Matthew Flavel. The role of Alsherjargothi, Old Norse for “Chieftain of All the People”, demands leading those who make up the Asatru Folk Assembly as well as tending to the spiritual needs of our Folk and looking out for their interests.

Alsherjargothi Matthew Flavel, Nevada


Our Ancestors relied on the counsel of wise Men and Women in all manner of things to ensure things ran smoothly. Similarly our Alsherjargothi has an advisory council, just like a CEO or Head of State.

The Witan and our Lawspeaker are there to help. The historical role of the Lawspeaker was to memorize, know, and recite all aspects of the law of the tribe or group of people who they represented. Witan is derived from the Old English “Witangemot” (Meeting of the Wise), nobles who served an advisory council to the Anglo-Saxon Kings.

Our Witan provides counsel, wisdom, expertise, and guidance on all things relating to the Asatru Folk Assembly. Together these fine Folks provide us with outstanding leadership, direction, and purpose as we continue to implement the Asatru Folk Assembly’s Declaration of Purpose, Statement of Ethics, and Law of the Hall.

Lawspeaker Allen Turnage, Florida Witan Clifford Erickson, Pennsylvania
Witan Svan Herul, Virginia Witan Brandy Callahan, Minnesota


Goðar of the Asatru Folk Assembly the religious leaders of our Folk. The position of Gothi or Gythia is one of leadership and service to our church. They inherently bear many responsibilities, such as leading marriage ceremonies, funerary rites, naming ceremonies, land takings, coming of age rites, and other rituals for our community.  The Goðar also organize Asatru Folk Assembly and community events, assist with the formation of new kindreds, provide counseling services, and educate those not familiar with our tradition. The Goðar often engage in many other forms of public service that are generally expected of Clergy in this day and age. This is not an easy responsibility, but it is an honorable path. All Asatru Folk Assembly Goðar, recognized as Ordained Clergy, carry weight in most states and regions, having legal rights and legal recognition for ceremonies performed and services rendered to their community due to the direct support and association with the AFA, which is a religious, non-profit organization.

The curriculum is an in-depth study, organized in a collaborative style that is akin to the time-tested apprentice-mentor dynamic, and so each year a mentor is granted to facilitate the learning experience for each new student. Through the course of the program, the student can expect reading and composition assignments, regularly scheduled phone and/or video conferences, educational discourses, ritual performances before leadership, spiritual tasks and assignments, testing, and more. The propriety, professionalism, patience, timeliness, dependability, communication skills, and aptitude of each student are under constant review throughout the curriculum. It is important to remember that students can and have failed the program by not maintaining the aforementioned to a high and acceptable standard. Upon graduation, new Clergy are required to fulfill an obligation to the program, such as mentoring a new student. Each of the Asatru Folk Assembly Goðar is expected to remain active with the AFA, online, at Asatru Folk Assembly events, and in their local region.

The Asatru Folk Assembly Goðar Program is designed for those who already give their time and service to the Folk. The Goðar program is only open to Asatru Folk Assembly Oathed Folkbuilders. By the time they are ordained, each of our Goðar has already put in substantial work building our church and has shown concern for our Asatru Folk Assembly family. That is the foundation of leadership and service this program is built upon. Each of our Goðar is contributing member of society and maintains a professional and well-composed demeanor at all times.

Gothi Thorgrun Odden, California Gythia Anna Plourde, Florida
Gythia Catie Erickson, Pennsylvania Gythia Sheila McNallen, California
Gothi Jason Plourde, Florida Gothi Joseph Rozanek, Oregon
Gothi Trent East, Georgia Gothi Robb Stamm, Virginia
Gothi Daniel Young, South Carolina


In the AFA, our greatest priority is our members’ needs. We go to great lengths to ensure that we are not just an online phenomenon where all our leaders are on the other side of the country. We prioritize REAL LIFE interaction between our membership and our leaders and ultimately our greatest goal is building REAL LIFE Folkish community’s of like-minded people, honoring our Gods, and building our Folk. Folk builders are the face of the Asatru Folk Assembly in the different regions of the world and the local leadership of these communities. These men and women have stepped up to make a difference and not only do the tasks people see, like throwing events and interacting with membership but also are busy behind the scenes doing things like membership, online management, and helping shape the AFA.


Erik Lugnet (apprentice), Sweden Francesco Morese (apprentice), Italy


Alaska, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, & Yukon

Michael Conner (apprentice), Alaska

Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, & Oklahoma

Melisa Mills, Missouri Michael Sessumes, Arkansas
Tabatha Owens (apprentice), Arkansas Shea McCurdy (apprentice), Oklahoma

Alabama, Florida, Georgia & Mississippi

Lane Ashby, Florida

Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, & Utah

Sam Ramsey (apprentice), Arizona

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Ontario, & Wisconsin

Zach Cato, Indiana James Ault, Wisconsin
Jessica Lambert, Ohio Timothy Dumas, Ohio
Joe Drotos (apprentice), Ohio James Cummings,(apprentice) Illinois
Jonathan Rock (apprentice), Indiana Christine Dumas (apprentice), Ohio
Nicholas Rice (apprentice), Illinois Josh Rapin (apprentice), Wisconsin
Christian Williams (apprentice), Ohio

Atlantic Canada, New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, & Quebec

Adam Hudak, Pennsylvania Jane Malseed (apprentice), Pennsylvania
Daniel Mason (apprentice), Maine

Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, & Wyoming

Ryan Harlan, Montana Mason Johnson (apprentice), Washington
Tyler Heinlein (apprentice), Washington Cory DeMars (apprentice), Alberta
Joshua Aadams (apprentice), Oregon

Iowa, Dakotas, Manitoba, Minnesota, Nebraska, & Saskatchewan

Jason Gallagher, Minnesota Nathan Erlandson, Minnesota
Ashley Mcstocker (apprentice), Minnesota Cormag Àlainn (apprentice), North Dakota
Trevor Sydorenko (apprentice), Manitoba

Louisiana & Texas

Thomas Gleason (apprentice), Texas Justin Day (apprentice), Texas

Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia & West Virginia

Cody Raynard, Virginia Heather Young, South Carolina
Patrick Cook (apprentice), West Virginia Jesse Parton (apprentice), Tennessee
Harry Clarke (apprentice), South Carolina

California, Hawaii, & Nevada

Krystal Podbreger, California Connor Norris (apprentice), California
Sierra Chapman (apprentice), California
Ashley Stockton (apprentice), California

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