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     Apply for VA Health Benefits               Burial and Memorial Benefits               Burial Flags
     Center for Minority Veterans               Center for Women Veterans                  Dependent and Survivor Benefits
     Dependents Ed. Assistance                Disability Compensation                      Education and Training
     Employment Services                           eBenefits gateway                                Fact Sheets
     Full list of VA Forms                             VA medical records                               GI Bill Handouts and Forms
     Headstones and Markers                     VA Healthcare                                         HealtheVet Portal
     VA Home Loans                                     Intro to the VA                                        Life Insurance Benefits
     National Gravesite Locator                 News Releases                                       VA Pension
     Veterans Benefits                                 Veterans Benefits Booklet                    Veterans Cemeteries
     Health Administration                          VocRehab Eligibility                               Veterans On-line Application

ATTENTION: AFA Active Duty Military Members--

Be sure to get your free copy of Stephen A. McNallen's "Asatru Book of Faith: For Those In Harm's Way."
Send your full and current duty station address to


If you are ready to join the Asatru Folk Assembly, then we ask you to please fill out an application for membership. Within the membership you will be presented with different membership subscription options. Be aware that all applications are manually reviewed and in many cases you may receive contact from a folkbuilder or other AFA leadership after your application is reviewed. Standard application processing time is 3 to 5 business days. If there is any problem with your application then your membership subscription will be refunded in full.

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