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Hail and Welcome;
This Quick-Link Guide is provided for those who are new to the religion of Asatru and/or interested in Asatru Folk Assembly membership.

by Stephen A. McNallen, AFA Alsherjargothi, 1995 – 6/2016:
     “Asatru: A Native European Religion,” Originally uploaded Oct 17, 2008.

by Matt Flavel, AFA Alsherjargothi, 6/2016 – present:
     “Asatru: Native Spirituality of European Folk,” Radio3Fourteen, Sept 1, 2016.
by Stephen A. McNallen, AFA Alsherjargothi, 1995 – 6/2016:
     “Asatru: A Native European Spirituality,” Red Ice Radio, Jun 9, 2015.
     “Asatru Hof: A Temple for the Norse Gods and Goddesses,” Red Ice Radio, Aug 17, 2015. 
     “Asatru, Runes, Vikings & Norse Mythology,” Red Ice Radio, Aug 15, 2014.
     “Ancestral Roots & Metagenetics,” Red Ice Radio, Jul 13, 2014.

Website Resources:
The AFA Asatru Primer—which gives an overview of Asatru via six main topics:
     Asatru, A Native Religion
     A World with Many Gods
     The Reality of the Holy Powers
     The Gods and Us
     How to begin practicing Asatru
     Following Asatru

AFA Library--over twenty different titles which can be downloaded for free in either MOBI or EPUB formats.
The Gods and Goddess
Various articles and essays
FAQ page

For those interested in AFA membership, a prospective member can access Member Services by clicking the “Join the AFA” button in the upper right-hand side of the AFA website home page @ The AFA “calls out five specific resources that we want all prospective members to be familiar with prior to application.” These five areas are:
1. The Asatru Primer—which gives an overview of Asatru via six main topics areas; Asatru, A Native Religion; A World with Many Gods; The Reality of the Holy Powers; The Gods and Us; How to begin practicing Asatru; and, Following Asatru;
2. The AFA Declaration of Purpose;
3. The AFA Mission Statement;
4. The AFA “Law of the Hall”; and,
5. The AFA Statement of Ethics.

For those with over two consecutive years as an AFA member who desire to serve the Asatru Folk as clergy, the AFA offers its Clergy Program. Since this program is to train prospective AFA clergy, accepted students can expect their training to encompass not only Asatru theology and philosophy, but ontology, theurgy, spiritual counsel, mediation, leadership, and so forth.

Folkbuilders/Apprentice Folkbuilders act as regional contacts for the AFA. Below are the AFA designated regions and the email addresses for its assigned Folkbuilders/Apprentice Folkbuilders. Feel free to contact your local regional folkbuilder if you have further questions.
Alaska/Far North Region (AK): Eric Whisman,
Central Corridor Region (AR, KS, MO, OK): Bryan Wilton,
Deep South Region (AL, FL, GA, MS, SC): Jason Plourde,
Four Corners Region (AZ, CO, NM, UT): Roland L’Heureux,
Mid-West Region (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI): Blaine Qualls, Jr.,
Northeast Region (CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT): Clifford Erickson, and Michael Sagginario,
Northern Plains Region (IA, MN, ND, NE, SD): Blaine Qualls, Jr., and Jason Gallagher,
Northwest Region (ID, MT, OR, WA, WY): Elizabeth MacBryghde,
South Central Region (LA, TX): Bryan Wilton,
Upper South Region (DE, KY, MD, NC, TN, VA, WV): Bryan Blue,, Karl Staaf,, and Paul Hester,
West Region (CA, NV): Heather Clinkenbeard,, Heather Jane,, and Ryan Harlan,

For those in our military services, or who may be traveling overseas, AFA European Folkbuilders/Apprentice Folkbuilders currently consist of:
Czech Republic & Slovakian Region; Martin Votava,
East Europe Region; Wiktor Domogala,
German Speaking Europe Region; Martin Baluses,
Scandinavian Region; Anders Nilsson,



If you are ready to join the Asatru Folk Assembly, then we ask you to please fill out an application for membership. Within the membership you will be presented with different membership subscription options. Be aware that all applications are manually reviewed and in many cases you may receive contact from a folkbuilder or other AFA leadership after your application is reviewed. Standard application processing time is 3 to 5 business days. If there is any problem with your application then your membership subscription will be refunded in full.

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